North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Certifications - Safety First, always think safety when handling your firearms.
Course Description: CCH Class 
This certification course meets and exceeds the minimum educational and training requirements needed to apply  for North Carolina's Concealed Handgun permit.  This Training includes both classroom (lecture) and range time (live fire).
Class begins promptly at 8:00am on the date scheduled and normally ends by 6:00pm.  A one hour lunch break is scheduled.
Equipment needed:
    1 "safe and functional" handgun
    40 rounds of ammunition for that handgun.
    Hearing protection for use during live fire.
    Eye protection for use during live fire.
    a holster for that handgun,  (recommended but not required)
Topics include:
Legal Issues
Handgun Safety
Marksmanship Fundamentals
Carrying Concealed Safety Issues
Presentation Techniques
Cleaning and Maintenance
Ammunition and Proficiency Drills
COST:  $50.00 per student
Gun Rental: 
    If needed handguns can be rented for the class at a cost of $25.00 which include a 9mm style pistol of choice, selection consist of Glock 17.  40 rounds of ammunition for the class, Holster for selected weapon for use during qualification and cleaning fee.
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